Have you had enough problems with manual interactions with your partners?

All of delivery notes, invoices, and records about delivered items still in paper form, like most partners in this industry?

HACCP paper records giving you headaches?

We know how much time is wasted and how many mistakes are made, leading to associated costs and poor worker productivity. Our team has been through that. But it shouldn't be like this. This is why we "baked" a Muffin :)

Retail industry has already digitized its supply chain. Let's do it in HoReCa together.
And yes, we took into account all the specifics you are facing with, compared to the retail industry.

higher human involvement

greater complexity

more frequent (daily) deliveries

huge staff shortages that grow year by year

higher versatility

Meet Muffin

WEB application

for simple ordering at all selected suppliers, with an automated transfer of delivery notes and invoices between buyer and supplier

Mobile application

for accepting deliveries on per-item basis with automated records creation as easy as swiping on Tinder


Our users are reporting about:

Higher productivity

Up to 1 hour saved with no after process of manual records keeping on papers.

Elimination of human error

Up to 70% less errors.


Automatic records creation, price matching checks, stock updates, backorders and many more.

Time savings

Up to 25% time saved for receiving team and 35% for supply and quality assurance management teams per every delivery made.

Delivery accuracy analysis

Based on date, time, product, quality, etc.


15-20 papers less printed per delivery.

One common scalable system

For the whole company no matter the continent, country or supplier.

Which all leads to two key objectives that every organization in this industry is pursuing

Better traceability and easier management of stress tests
Cost savings

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